Digital documentary practices.

Topical paradigm shifts in negotiating ‚the Real‘

After more than two decades of digital documentary practices, one thing has become clear: ‚New media documentaries‘ – whatever they may be – offer very specific ways of negotiating ‚the Real‘: They not only look but also feel fundamentally different from linear documentaries, and they can offer new forms of engagement. Not necessarily video or screen based, ‚the Documentary in the Digital‘ involves the user-interactor in some active way and often calls for participation; it embraces augmented forms of reality and creates immersive realities; it is founded on polyphony, co-creation and networking. Intersections with adjacent fields like digital journalism, serious games, social media activism, interventionist media making, citizen sciences and artistic research become more and more influential.

This series of lectures (virtually) brings international leading scholars as well as practitioners in the field together to share their latest research and experiences. Presentations will be streamed and recorded, and there will be the possibility of Q&As (in English language).